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Custom Wine Cellars

Premier Cru Wine Cellars will design and build a wonderful custom wine cellar for you and your wine collection; from artistic and aesthetically beautiful designs to fully functional utilitarian wine-storage in both residential & commercial settings; Providing the perfect environment to enjoy your fine wine in First Class Provenance.

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Online Boutique - Featuring: Laguiole en Aubrac

Premier Cru Collection

Premier Cru Collection is an exclusive offering of "only-handmade" world class artistically-beautiful wine related items. As the physical-counterpart and compliment to the fine wine experience. Just Click on the BOUTIQUE TAB above.

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Custom Wine Cellar Installation - Los Angeles

At Premier Cru Wine Cellars we'll design, build, and install your custom wine cellar, properly preserving your fine wine in an environment that is beautiful, functional, and energy efficient... We strive to bring these elements together for the ultimate enjoyment of your fine wine collection.

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Wine Cellar Design & Build Los Angeles, California

This wine cellar is hidden from the obvious entry-ways and becomes an oasis from the world while inside being surrounded by your treasured wine collection and a friend or two.

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1847 Chateau d’Yquem

Bastide Restaurant

Proprietor, Joe Pytka, preeminent commercial director & CLIO Lifetime Achievement Award Winner - After meeting Joe’s expectations for the wine cellar at Bastide restaurant. Pytka commissioned Paul LaRussa, chief designer of Premier Cru Wine Cellars, to enhance the existing wine cellar with the wonderfully ancient wines; including the 1847 Chateau d’Yquem.

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To begin your custom wine cellar installation, please enter your Contact Information at the bottom of this page and Click-to-send or simply Dial (310) 289-1221.

Wine Cellar Installation for Residential & Commercial:

Combining old world quality with new-age technology.  Premier Cru Wine Cellars designs, builds, and installs high-quality custom wine cellars to create the perfect environment to preserve your fine wine, beautifully…



It’s said that, “Quality doesn’t cost; it pays…” and your custom wine cellar should begin with a high quality comprehensive consultation from Premier Cru Wine Cellars to make sure you’re getting the maximum potential and outcome from your wine cellar location.  With construction experience spanning since 1978 and comprising almost a century of combined industry experience, we know your concerns and the outcome you desire.  We’ll provide a comprehensive vision for your custom built wine cellar with proper wine storage and execute the project with the same passion you have for fine wine by providing you with First Class Provenance.


A great wine cellar design is one which blends the wine collection with the surrounding architectural aesthetics and personality of the collector. Putting these elements in relevant context is an artform in-of-itself.  As an artistic wine cellar design/build firm, we are passionate about providing you the best wine cellar design, and our custom wine racks are made in U.S.A. We’re wine cellar builders that infuse valid designer/artistic beauty into your wine cellar.  The end-result is a unique and beautifully designed custom wine cellar for you to enjoy your wine collection.


Being an artistic design/build firm, we enjoy seeing the wonderful and beautiful things that come out of our clients’ love for fine wine. Like having a high-quality custom wine cellar built with all the attributes our clients dream of. As a wine cellar builder in Los Angeles, we hold a California State B-01 General Contractors License and are ready to fulfill your vision, bringing your dreams of a high-quality, custom wine cellar and fine wine storage into your home.


As a Los Angeles wine cellar design/build firm with a B-01 General Contracting License, we offer all aspects of the wine cellar design and construction process; executing the entire construction project to make it easy for you – as your One-Stop-Shop for your wine cellar design, construction, and installation.  As a custom wine cellar artistic design/build firm, we take pride in bringing a valid – that just right – artistic vision to your wine cellar design.   And, we serve the greater Southern California and Los Angeles region.