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    Premier Cru Wine Cellars Unique Custom Wine Cellar Design Build Firm 2017

    Los Angeles – Custom Wine Cellar Installations 2017 Thinking of building a wine cellar?  Are you Looking to have a custom wine cellar built into your home? Or, are you looking for the “right” wine cellar builder – one that can do it all – in …

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    Premier Cru Collection Stemware is Preferred by the Best…

    Chef Ludo Lefebvre shown in photo discussing winemaker, Ray Walker, Read Here >  and the Premier Cru Burgundy they make together.  Chef Ludo can use any Burgundy Stem in the world; his choice? Premier Cru Collection’s hand-blown lead free stemware. You, too, can enjoy the luxury …

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  • Kagan Res Back Wall Walnut Web

    Artistic Design Build Custom Wine Cellar Company in Los Angeles in 2016

    When those who reach a pinnacle of success in their careers, their lifestyle, or even just the feeling that they have all they need for a comfortable life, often turn and ask how they can project their passion for life inward, rather than in external …

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    Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration, Los Angeles, California

    Written by:  Paul LaRussa, Founder & Chief Designer of Premier Cru Wine Cellars – (310) 289-1221  email him for any comments you may have at: ——————————————————- When established on October 26, 2006, Premier Cru Wine Cellars was the culmination of three fine attributes formed …

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  • Giessinger Winery 3059 Willow Lane Westlake Village

    Acres of Diamonds – Edouard Giessinger and his Winery

    One of my favorite story’s is Acres of Diamonds.  (if you don’t know it, I’ve posted it below for your reference). If you were to travel North on Willow Lane off of Hampshire Road in Westlake Village, toward 3059 Willow Lane to be exact, you …

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  • Paul LaRussa 2014 Photo IX

    Building A Wine Cellar

    Building a wine cellar, and building the best wine cellar for you, in the unique space that has been designated, is somewhat of a personal selection if not a logistical decision. Where your wine is stored, being an endeavor, will become a very special place in your home.  Putting a wine …

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    An In-Home Wine Cellar In Los Angeles

    Happy New Year! to all who celebrate, in spirit, the meaning of the most notable wine-related phrase, spoken-by one of our most important Founding-Fathers of our great United States of America, Thomas Jefferson; “Fine wine is a necessity of life for me.” Farewell to 2015, it …

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  • Zone By Premier Cru Wine Cellars 310 289 1221

    Wine Cellar Design & Construction Los Angeles

    High-end wine cellar design, build and construction in Los Angeles has become a very popular and much sought after functional-artform and quite the status symbol in a home today. Ever since the Paris Tastings in 1976, when an Englishman and wine merchant, Steven Spurrier, age 34 at the time, …

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  • Founder Paul LaRussa Premier Cru Collection

    Paul LaRussa; Building Meccas

    Master of Wine Meccas: Paul LaRussa What differentiates a pretty picture from a piece that moves its viewer and alters one’s  state?  The answer is Artfulness. This is perhaps the easiest way to describe Premier Cru Wine Cellars and what drives its owner, Paul LaRussa …

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  • Premier Cru Collection Times Record John Lovett 12 08 2015

    Quality Glass Makes Difference In Taste

    Online Article by John Lovett, TIMES RECORD By John Lovett • Times Record • Paul LaRussa’s Premier Cru Collection stemware won’t be easily found in a casual Internet search for the finest wine glasses on earth, but they should be. The California designer …

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