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South American Amourette (Snakewood) Corkscrew Wine Opener


Deep rich wood-tone colors, exotic in its appeal – Originates from South America.

The Nougatine – Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Crust Corkscrew Wine Opener


Rich contrast of ancient beauty in fossilized Mammoth Ivory Crust set in black resin . . . Fossilized Mammoth 10,000 to 50,000 years old.

Turquoise Corkscrew Wine Opener


Earthy, yet colorful, Turquoise – a mesmerizing contrast of natural beauty.

Vinestock Corkscrew Wine Opener


Deep, rich colors, exotic in its appeal and contributed to the contents in the bottle!

White Wine Stemware (Available with Set)


Premier Cru Collection White Wine Stemware.

Woodstock – Corkscrew Wine Opener


This Blend of exotic wood species includes: Ebony, Juniper, Rosewood, and Amourette (Snakewood).