Corkscrew Wine-Openers

Each corkscrew wine-opener is 100% individually handcrafted and hand carved by the same craftsman from start to finish. Using fine, old and rare materials such as fossilized ancient mammoth ivory, mammoth ivory crust and mammoth bone, gems such as diamonds, rubys and topaz, Horn, ram horn crust, exotic woods such as African ebony, juniper, vinestock, cork and olivewood.

Once these precious materials have been carved, formed then applied and the piece has been completed, the individual craftsman’s Makers Mark (Very elaborate on some and simple on others) is carefully carved into the corkscrew wine-opener; no different than if made in centuries passed.

“These artfully crafted wine-opener’s are a fitting compliment to the Premier Cru Collection. Truly authentic and genuine, these unique precious possessions will be an important part of one’s fine wine experience. They will be cherished and enjoyed, and lovingly handed down as treasured heirlooms for generations – something very, very special to a wine connoisseur, wine collector, or wine enthusiast.”
- Paul LaRussa, Founder